FINALLY - the Truth about Plastics & the Environment

By Dr. Chris DeArmitt FRSC

World-class plastic materials scientist

Who to Believe?

Sometimes people ask why they should believe the book over what they’ve read online. Here’s why:

Reason 1

Articles online are by journalists with no scientific understanding of the issue but the book is written by a respected career scientist (PhD & Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry)

Reason 2

Articles online are written by people looking to generate money from views or environmental groups looking to get your donation whereas this book was made at a loss using 1000 hours of my time and my own money

Reason 3

Articles online usually present zero hard evidence whereas the book is based on >400 scientific articles with proof for every statement, so it can be checked

Reason 4

The market growth of plastics has remained steady at around 3.5% per year even after a decade-long smear campaign, so there is no need to “defend” plastics

Reason 5

I have no commercial interest as I do not make, sell or market plastics whereas the journalists and environmental groups do have a commercial interest in selling you their sensational, albeit fictional, stories

Reason 6

The book has been vetted by an international team of scientists, including plastic materials experts and chemists, whereas the articles you read online are not verified by international experts

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